Moraine Valley offers online and hybrid learning options that allow students to participate in a course, 完全或部分处于一定距离. Online or hybrid classes are ideal for students who need flexibility in setting their own time for learning and studying. Moraine Valley students and faculty recognize the importance of effective communication and time management strategies for student success in this learning format.

各种课程, degrees, and certificates can be completed fully online or mostly online with some in-person class time, 需要去学校的实验室或测试.

我们提供学术咨询服务,帮助您开始. 要与顾问交谈,请致电(708)974-5721,电子邮件 或亲自到S楼201室来.

当使用搜索工具探索在线课程时, 向下滚动到“课程类型”并选择“在线”.





冰碛谷提供几乎所有主题的在线课程. 每个学期提供的课程都不一样, 因此,查看当前在线课程的最佳方式是搜索课程.

Search and register for online and hybrid courses the same way you would register for any other course within the college’s registration portal. Course sections numbered 300-339 are online courses; 350-399 are hybrid courses.


如果你正在考虑注册在线课程或混合课程, it is important that you find out about the structure and expectations of your instructor. 按课程编号及组别编号搜寻 在线和混合课程信息 这是老师提供的. 如果您已经注册了在线课程或混合课程, 这些信息将在注册时发送到您的冰碛谷电子邮件地址.

Moraine Valley offers a number of certificates and degree programs that can be obtained with a majority, if not all, 当然是在网上完成的. 前往校园参加班级相关活动由教师自行决定.


The 副学士(文学学士.A.)理学副学士(理学学士.S.) and 通识(A).G.S) 学位课程可以在线完成. 请注意,某些地区的选择可能有限. Visit the 在线和混合课程信息页面 有关课程期望和所需的校园旅行的具体细节.


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课程可能以多种形式提供. 其他课程和证书可以完全在线完成. 一些先决条件可能无法以在线格式提供.

*Please refer to the Program Licensure Disclosure statement located in the Instructional Programs section of the catalog. Students should check the specific state professional licensing agency to determine licensing requirements.


这些课程的课号是300-339. 在线课程通过互联网使用学习管理系统来提供内容, 促进沟通(e).g. faculty-student and student-student), collect student work, and assess student performance. 在线课程可能需要前往校园或考点.


这些课程的课号是350-399. 在混合课程中, face-to-face class sessions are reduced by providing a significant portion of the instruction in a learning management system via the Internet. Hybrid courses have learning activities that must be completed via the Internet as well as class sessions that require on-campus attendance.

Online courses are not for everyone as people learn at different paces and in a variety of ways. 在线课程和混合课程通常比在校课程需要更多的时间, 所以你必须下定决心,明白成功需要什么.

在线课程比面对面的课程更容易.在线课程具有挑战性,要求学生使用时间管理, 组织, 并具有大学水平的阅读和写作能力来完成工作.
学生必须在一天的特定时间登录并完成课程.Online courses offer students the flexibility and convenience of completing assignments 24/7 within the due dates and expectations of faculty. Students should read their syllabus carefully for requirements and contact faculty with any questions.
Online courses are not worth the same number of credits or course competencies as face-to-face classes.在线课程提供相同数量的学分和相同的课程能力.
学生可以在学期中按照自己的进度独立完成在线课程.在线课程不是自定进度的. 他们遵循与其他课程相同的学历. 学生必须遵守课程日历,并注意截止日期.
参加在线课程的学生不需要参加.Students are required to participate in online courses by communicating with classmates and the instructor through discussion forums and other assignments.

我们鼓励学生完成一份 学习技能自我评估. Your honest responses to this assessment will help you understand the realities and expectations of taking an online course.

在参加在线课程时,冰碛谷提供了几种支持选项. For example, we have technical support available Monday through Saturday via email and by phone. Our library 除了电子邮件和电话支持外,还提供了实时聊天和短信支持.



Get ready for your online courses by reviewing the tips and general information provided below.

1. 复习重要课程信息
You will receive a course information email for each online or hybrid class you register for. 此信息将发送到您的冰碛谷学生电子邮件地址. 保存此消息并仔细阅读. 它包含教师信息, 课程登录说明, 测试程序, 以及课程网站的登录链接. 您也可以使用 在线和混合课程信息页面.

2. 收集材料
The 冰碛谷书店 销售大部分必修课程的文本材料. Use your registration information to look up the materials needed for your specific course section. 尽早把事情做好是成功的好策略.

3. 开学前准备好你的电脑
You need access to a computer (desktop or laptop) and the internet to get into your courses. See the 计算机基本规格 获取Canvas和有关Canvas的信息 Canvas支持的浏览器.

You need access to a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs in order to create your papers or other type of assignments. 你可以通过你的Moraine Valley学生邮箱免费使用Office 365. 在电子邮件中,点击左上角的“Office 365”下载完整版.

Optionally, Canvas has a “Canvas Student” app available for Android and iOS that helps students stay connected to their courses on the go. See the 画布指南-画布学生 page 了解更多信息.

4. 学习如何使用Canvas,我们的学习管理系统
刚接触Canvas的用户应该这样做 登录Canvas 并加入我们的“学生:画布培训和资源”课程,学习如何使用画布. 您可以通过单击Canvas中的Help图标来访问这个类, 然后点击“Canvas学生培训和资源”链接. 要了解更多关于Canvas的信息,请参阅 帆布指南 and videos.

5. 查看我们的在线学生成功指导
All current Moraine Valley students can access our free Online 学生的成功 取向 to learn about the expectations and strategies of a successful online student. 学生可以通过Canvas帮助菜单自行注册此资源.

6. 访问Canvas和您的课程
一旦你的学期开始,登录到Canvas并进入你的课程. Be sure to read the instructor’s welcome message, which contains information on getting started. 通读教学大纲中的所有课程政策,并查看课程时间表. Note: 每个在线课程都是独一无二的,因为每个讲师都为您设计学习体验.


冰碛谷社区学院, 以及伊利诺伊州, 参加国家授权互惠协议(SARA). 协议允许 成员国、领土和机构 为居住在其他参与州的学生提供在线课程. The agreement also allows any distance education student a method to resolve a concern against the college if they are from a member state.

Any Moraine Valley student who desires to resolve a concern is first encouraged to follow the college’s own 投诉及举报程序,可在MVConnect上查看. Concerns that cannot be resolved through the college’s own process may be pursued with the 伊利诺斯社区大学理事会,如适用于SARA.

Students who are unable to resolve their concern internally with the college and do not reside in a SARA member state must pursue their concern within their state or territory of residency. 目前加州还不是SARA的成员.



如果您希望在SARA下联系您的家乡州门户机构, 请参阅参考文件 州和机构的学生投诉信息.

冰碛谷社区学院 has determined that its relevant programs comply with Illinois licensure requirements. 你可以在我们的网站上找到更多信息 许可证信息页面.


Non-credit online learning programs are an easy and convenient way to receive quality training needed to succeed in your career or a hobby.

冰碛谷社区学院与三个在线学习平台合作, UGotClass, go和CareerStep, 为您带来合格的培训, 职业发展和个人充实计划.




康纳·帕里什(橡树草坪), shared his educational journey while on a panel for the Illinois Project Lead the Way meeting.